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  • Am looking for worldwide foreign trading partners; total number different for same or total catalogue value for same. Roger McDonald (#2636) 3 Brentwood Circle, Canton, TX 75103

  • GIVE AWAY: Free Germany or World Mission, each kilo $15. All quantities. APS member. DM Fuerstenwerth, Muhliusstr. 68 D24103 Kiel - Germany

  • SPECIAL OFFER TO MEMBERS: Nigeria two stamp Rotary mint set, Scott #7771-2. Catalog value $3 selling for $1 plus SASE. 25 sets available. ISWSC, PO Box 19006, Sacramento, CA 95619-0006 - USA

  • CAN YOU HELP with my want list? Want used stamps to year 2000: Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany. Purchase only. Robert Fisher (ISWSC # !608), PO Box 923, Penney Farms, FL 32079 - USA.

  • 200 WW OR US ONLY: $2.00. 20 Canada 70% large: $5.00. 100 Russia large $5.00. Add 84¢ SASE. 10 FCS show cover mix $4.00 plus $1.64 SASE. Towlson (#2609D), 60 Ivanhoe Road, Buffalo, NY 14215 - USA

  • BREAKING UP 62-YEAR ACCUMULATION: Let me send you a stuffed envelope of old, new, mint, used, etc. Pick what you want at 1/3 SCV and return the balance. Robert Gelfman (ISWSC #1849), Box 315, Old Bethpage, NY 11084 - USA

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