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Free Album Pages

Former ISWSC member Bill Steiner is pleased to offer you a variety of blank album pages which can be used for an assortment of projects. These are sized for an 8 1/2 by 11 inch standard American page, which can be adapted to European A4 paper as well. What's especially nice about them is that they can fit into 3-hole binders, providing you with an inexpensive alternative to preprinted pages.

To save and view any of these pages, you need to install Adobe's Acrobat Reader on your computer system. If you don't have this browser plug-in, simply click on the icon below. Save the program to your hard drive and follow the directions for installation.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click [HERE] to view Bill's complete worldwide album pages on CD-ROM. The CD is available for purchase from Bill.

Click [HERE] if you don't have a suitable printer and would rather purchase the worldwide album pages printed on 8 1/2" x 11" or Scott Specialized or Scott International size paper.

Using Stamp Hinges

Now that you have pages, you may be wondering how to mount your stamps on it. DO NOT use tape! In time, its glue will ruin the stamps. Instead, use stamp hinges. Here are directions on how to use them.

Lightly moisten the short end of the hinge with your tongue and place the hinge near the top (back) of the stamp, shiny (gummed) side out. Press firmly. Then moisten the long end of the hinge and quickly place the stamp where you want it to stay, pressing the long end to the page. Don't attempt to remove the hinge from the stamp or page until it is completely dry or it may tear the stamp or page. When dry, you can remove the stamp by carefully peeling the hinge from the stamp and moving it to another place, if you need to do so. This will not harm the stamp in any way. It's that simple!