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Philatelic Links

General Mega-Links
The Ultimate Guide to Stamp Collecting
Joe Luft's site - best philatelic site on the net with plenty of links to everything
AJ's Encyclopedia of Stamps and Philatelic Links
Lee's Illustrated Stamp Listopedia
Douglas Quine's Philatelic Sites (bar coding specialist)
Stamps & Philately (originating in Germany)
AtoZee Philatelic Web Guide - a comprehensive Web Directory for stamp collectors

General info for collectors
Devoted to the education of stamp collectors about issues related philatelic preservation and care.

Articles Online
A variety of articles from the Chapter Activities Committee of the American Philatelic Society
Article archive of Glen Stephens

Associations, Societies, and Specialty Groups
APS, site of the American Philatelic Society, America's premier stamp collecting organization with 57,000 members worldwide
ATA, American Topical Association's web page
Cats on Stamps web page
Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
German Philatelic Society
Costa Rico Collectors Society (SOCORICO)
British North America Philatelic Society
Sarawak Specialists' Society
Scandinavian Philatelic Society
Collectors Club of Chicago
Virtual Stamp Club
CAC (Chapter Activities Committee of the American Philatelic Society)"
FCNYPS (Federation of Central New York Philatelic Societies, Inc.

ATM & Other Vending Machine Stamps
Information on various worldwide ATMs, Framas, etc. in German ATMs of Spain, Andorra, Dominican Republic
Details on framas and related automated postage.

Stamp Auction Network- mega-link to auction houses worldwide

Computer Inventory Software
STAMPCATalog Plus - "Free" for a $35 donation to your favorite charity- read details

Foreign Exchange Information
OANDA world currency converter
Universal Currency Converter

Internet Discussion Boards
Stamp Bears World Wide Forums
World's No#1 place to discuss STAMP COLLECTING and PHILATELY!
Stamp Community Family
Online discussion board for Machin Collectors

Museums and Libraries
Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History in Massachusetts
US National Postal Museum
French Postal Museum











rec.collecting (general items)

New Issues
Crown Agents- producers/distributors for 100+ Countries

On-line Blank & Country Album Pages
Print your own albums! Includes customizable blank pages as well
Download worldwide album pages or get them on CD and print them yourself
Pre-printed album pages for over 60,000 country/era combinations, on paper which matches Scott International or Scott Specialized pages in weight, color, and size (and has the holes in the right places), or on 8½ x 11 heavy-weight, acid-free paper. Minkus format also available.
Free online software for creating album pages

Learn all about perfins (perforated initials)

Philatelic Reference Books

(Very Long URL!)
Barnes & Noble stamp books

Postal Bureaus
US Postal Service's main web site, including details about soon to be issued US stamps and available philatelic products
Canada Post's web site for stamp collectors
Post Office page links by Graham Rhind

Postal Codes
Worldwide listing for most major countries
Postal Code Links of the World by Graham Rhind

Postal Rates

Publications and Publishers
Home page of Linn's Stamp News , providing the latest information about US and worldwide stamps, new finds, articles of general interest
Stanley Gibbons- British catalog and supplier
Yvert & Tellier- French catalog and supplier in French

Specialty Pages
British Commonwealth Postmarks by Robert S. Cragg
Colombia semi-officials and rural posts, Persia- first issues, Peru local posts, Russia- Zemstvo issues, Tibet.
French cancellations and specialty pages, Falkland Islands Philately page by Stefan Heijaz
Introduction to Empire-wide Queen Victoria Issues by Tim Burgess
MachinMania, a subdivision of (GB Machins)
PersiPhila - Iran (Persia) and selected issues and forgery assistance
Netherlands Military Postmarks
Postal History links by Vandemonia
San Francisco Cog Wheel cancellations
Tuva stamps
U.S. 1904 Second Bureau Issue by Geoff Dutton

Zemstvos- Russian locals

Stamp Basics for All Ages

ISWSC Beginners Book
A Beginner's Handbook by Al and Mildred Feinberg
Stamp Collecting: Doing It for Enjoyment, Not for Profit

ISWSC Exhibiting Basics
Stamp Exhibiting Basics by Tom Fortunato

Stamp Exchange Offers

Stamp Identification/Cataloging

ISWSC Identifier
Helps with determining a stamp's origin
Identify your "Wierd" stamps
SCV stamp identification
Unidentified Philatelic Objects
Identify bogus stamps

Stamp Photos & On-line Catalogs
The first 300 U.S. stamps in full color!

Stamp Shows
American Stamp Dealers Association Show Calendar
APS Listing and calendar of shows and exhibits

Stamp Sites for Kids
International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors Youth and Beginner Program
Youth Collectors Zone

Terms & Definitions
Web encyclopedias, glossaries, stamp identifiers, and translations of stamp collecting terms

Topical/Thematic Sites
Antarctic Philately
Casey Jones Rail Road Study Unit
Disney on Stamps
Painting and Art on Stamps
SOSSI- Scouts on Stamps Society International
Bicycle philately the site for bicycle stamps collectors

Google translation to/from major languages

Miscellaneous Sites of Interest
Find a stamp club near you! (APS Chapter listing)